About Us

Thank you for your concern in our service. The Tainan babies’ home of Good Shepherd Social Welfare Foundation provides 24-hour placement care for children under the age of 2 who have been abandoned or whose families have suffered major changes and are unable to support them.

We need to take care of babies’ daily life, diet, health, physical and mental development at the same time. Many children need to be referred to early intervention or join the special education because of premature birth or congenital diseases. Operating placement care requires a huge amount of funds, and we need your support to help those young children whose lives are just sprouting. With your help, our children could change their lives. We thank you for your kindness and support, deepest gratitude for all the supporters.

The donator will receive a formal receipt which is issued by the GS. Every donation will be listed in the system, remain open to competent authority and the public to review, and be credit checking on the GS website.

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