About Us


A. Clientele:

●Babies given birth by unmarried mothers.
●Families who cannot afford raising babies on their own and have to relinquish custody.
●Babies in other circumstance, such abandoned babies.
●Babies who are under 8 months when they entered the institution. The institution can only accommodate babies whose age are a maximum of 2 years old.
※ Clientele are not restricted to Tainan Citizen.

B. The target of service:

●To provide infants and toddlers a safe and comfortable living environment.
●To organize professional on-the-job training for nannies to enhance care proficiency on a regular basis.
●To train volunteers to conduct proper activities for babies of different ages.
●To look after babies’ physical and psychological health by regular doctor consultation.
●To perform physical, psychological assessments and early intervention assessments regularly.
●To develop thematic teaching educational programs and training courses featuring physical & psychological development.

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