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  About Us

Predecessor of “St. Lucy Center of Adoption Services”, “Wonderful Family Service Center” was first established by Director Huang, Li-Fen in 1960. This center has started and kept on helping unmarried young mother since 1981. In 1982, with positive supports from Roman Catholic Diocese of Tainan, “St. Lucy Center of Adoption Services” was formally established in order to provide unmarried young mothers professional assistances and supports. The name was officially registered as “Private Lucy Juvenile Correctional Center of the Tainan Catholic Church at Tainan County” in 1998.

Good Shepherd commitment
In April 2003, Director Huang passed away due to long illness. Based on the ultimate mission of “one person is of more value than an entire world”, Good Shepherd Social Welfare Foundation undertook that “St. Lucy Center of Adoption Services” would keep on doing philanthropic tasks. Having solid reputation for years with specialized knowledge and noble mission in social welfare services, Good Shepherd Welfare Foundation is devoted to this loving and never-ending tasks in order to assist and support unmarried young mothers. It is hoped that new lives can always be welcomed and protected.

Providing placement and adoption services.
Good Shepherd Social Welfare Foundation in Tainan provides three categories of services: Firstly, NingShin Family is offering unmarried mothers a temporary shelter. Secondly, Tainan Babies Home provides 24-hour care service for newborn babies who was given birth by unmarried mothers and for those babies who came from families which were unable to raise the child on their own. Including daily care and medical services. Tainan Babies Home is also one of the institutions formally authorized by ROC government to provide adoption referral services. Thirdly, well-trained social workers at Tainan Babies Home offer professional adoption referral services to adoptive parents, such as consultation, assessment, training, and supports.

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