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Domestic Adoption

Requirements and Procedures for Domestic Adoption

A. Basic qualification requirements for domestic adopters:

●In accordance with the provisions of articles 1073, 1073-1 and 1074 of the Civil Law.

●Physical and mental conditions are stable and there is no criminal record affecting the adopter's parenting ability.

●Have a permanent residence and a legitimate occupation, the financial capacity is sufficient to support the child.

●Family members can sincerely accept, love and take care of adoptee, and are willing to cooperate with the adoption process and accept professional guidance from the institution.

●Domestic families who live in the main island of Taiwan and intend to adopt child.

B. The process of adoption:

●Parenting/Adoption Preparation & Education.

●Pre-adoption evaluation stage:

  • Submit the application document.
  • Sign the adoption service contract.
  • Initially review.
  • Home study. (home visit, interviews)
  • Reviewing by Assessment committee.
  • Become a reserving family.

C. Matching services for adopters and adoptees.
D. Adopters and adoptees learn to live together gradually.
E. Parenting Education.
F. On the behalf of the adopters, GS assist applying the approval of adoption to the court.
G. Follow-up after the adoption.

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