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International Adoption

A. Process of international adoption service

●Consultation services :

  • Provide informations about the adoption service, related laws and psychological supports to the consultee with e-mail, telephone, interview or network, etc. Help consultee understand the current international adoption service. Confirm whether the consultee conforms to the scope of being clientele.
  • Assess the consultee’s adoption motivation initially and whether they can cooperate with the process of their local adoptive institutions.
  • Provide relevant welfare service resources of Taiwan or institutions which are cooperating with Good Shepherd Foundation in the consultee’s region residence.

●Adoption application

  • Qualifications of the adopters
    • Comply with the regulations of Article 1073, 1073-1 and 1074 of the Civil Law.
    • All adoptions must apply through the adoption agency which cooperates with GS.
    • Adopters must be older than the adoptee more than 20 years, a maximum of 50 years.
    • The adopters have been married more than 3 years.
    • The adopters should be both physically and mentally healthy and have no record of violating Article 49 of the "Child and Juvenile Welfare Rights Protection Law".
    • Members in the adoptive family can really accept, love, and care for the adoptee, and are willing to cooperate with the adoption process and receive professional counseling from institutions.
  • The adopters shall apply directly to our cooperative agencies for adoption. The relevant education, training courses and preparation before the adoption shall be handled by that agencies.

●Matchmaking service:

  • GS will provide relevant information of child to the national adoption agencies.
  • Those who have been successfully matched by national adoption agencies shall provide Home Study to us for review.
  • After reviewing, the decision of adoption shall be decided by the legal guardian of the child.

● Interaction and monthly information update

  • Promote the familiarity and understanding of adoptive families and children through gradual interaction by Skype and face-to-face activities during the adoption process.
  • Provide overviews, photos, and monthly records of the child’s life every month, so that the adoptive parents can know the child’s living conditions and prepares for living together in the future.

●On behalf of the adopters, GS assist applying the approval of adoption to the court.

●Post-adoption reports

  • In the first three years after the completion of the adoption process, the post-placement follow-up report will be provided once every 6 months for a total of 6 times. In the first year, 2 reports of follow-up visits will be completed by social workers. In the following 2 years, 4 reports will be completed by adoptive parents.
  • From the 4th year to the year that child is 18 years old, the adoptive parents need to provide the report once a year.
  • The local adoption agencies will provide the necessary assistance and guidance to the adopters after the placement, and provide relevant information to help the adopted children adapt to the new family life as soon as possible.

●Roots-Finding and Reunion Services

B. If you intend to adopt children, please contact local adoption agencies which cooperate with Good Shepherd.
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